;Here Goes Something.

Hi, psych midterms is tomorrow. Oh wait, you know what? It’s actually in a few hours, and it’s driving me crazy because I’ve not mugged enough to remember anything.

And I’m not helping because I’m not mugging now, neither am I sleeping now. So what? How?

I’m pretty glad that Buffalo emphasizes on consistent work, well actually back in MI, we were also assessed based on consistent work, just that I wasn’t hardworking enough. Well, what do you expect? Homework was not compulsory, oh wait, maybe that’s why I’m where I am.

On a lighter note, I’ve been getting average Bs or better, for now. Please let me keep this up for the entire semester, no actually, for the entire 3 years that I’m here doing this degree. I really want to graduate with at least a 3rd class honors. You would think that I should aim for a higher honor, but I really don’t want to disappoint myself.

Funny how I’ve not been mugging as hard as I should be, but still getting decent grades. It reminds me of MI all over again. I need to start picking up positive study habits, like revising everyday instead of watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S the moment I get home. Or fall dead on my bed the moment I enter my room. Why is this whole uni thing making me so lethargic, even when I’m not even mugging or doing any work? WHY? It’s baffling. Blowing my mind right out.

More midterm papers coming right up. Well thanks midterms, you just appeared in my face suddenly, I don’t know how to manhandle you and that’s stressing me out.

I wish I was smarter, or more hardworking than I am. I’d get better grades and perform better when it counts. Sigh.

Okay, g’night you.


P.S: Mother thinks I’m having too much fun, funny how she knows that I’ve been coming straight home after school everyday and still think that. She thinks that I’m not studying hard enough, oh yeah, so I exchanged donuts for my Bs and As that I’ve been getting so far? Of course, I said I could do better but Bs and As will never be enough for her. She keeps reminding me to not waste her money that she set aside for my fees. And to think that I think that I’m always not good enough, why? I think she thinks that I’m a rocket scientist who’s bumming around too much. Oh ouh, time to go think of a great plan to save the earth now. Bye.


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