First times.

So, at my age, you would think that there would be no more embarrassing first times. But NO, I missed 2 flights of stairs and fell down. In front of Far East Plaza. For the first time in 22 years, I missed 2 flights of stairs and fell on my butt. Although I can’t quite remember if this is the first time I’ve gotten a sprained ankle. I can only remember vividly that I’ve had my wrist, shoulder and knee (lol, sounds like the kiddy head shoulders knees and toes song) busted cos of volleyball. But a sprained ankle, I can’t quite tell.

But I’m sure as hell I’d remember this fall for a long time. My body literally went into shock. There was ringing in my ears, and then everything was muffled out. I couldn’t hear quite as clearly, if not at all. My head went into what was like a never ending spiral, and I broke out in cold sweat. (After I told Jack this, he sprung a BOO! on me in attempt to get me to go into a shock again.) I can safely say that that was the closest I’ve been to Death, since I have no idea what Death is like. But all’s good.

Well, not everything. I didn’t hurt anywhere else, and I only got a swollen ankle. That’s good, I think?


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