Horoscopes, I know that they are superficial. Ergo small, unnoticeable fonts and hidden.

Lame passage for me to know. But just in case you feel lame enough and want to know where I get this passage from, it’s from here: http://www.essortment.com/love-horoscopes-zodiac-sign-compatibility-gemini-virgo-43810.html

Though Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, they almost never make a good match. Their personalities are totally different, in ways which are more adversarial than complimentary.

Virgos are true, steady lovers who can only be reached through careful cultivation of their trust and interest. They are hardworking and serious, sometimes shy and bookish. Geminis, meanwhile, are the life of the party. Constantly searching for stimulation and new adventures, they enchant everyone they meet with their wit and energy. In the case of Virgo, that enchantment rarely lasts long.

Gemini’s are perfect romantics. The female Gemini tends to be flirtatious and seductive. She is a bit of a seductress, when she has the time or inclination to play the role. Male Virgos often find female Geminis fickle, unattainable, or overbearing. The only way these two will get together is if an unexplainable attraction overwhelms the judgment of Virgo and excites the curiosity of the Gemini.

The first date is likely to prove disastrous. Virgo is quickly exhausted by Gemini’s quest for excitement, and Gemini sees Virgo as an impossible stick-in-the-mud.Gemini wines, dines, and parties, expecting to get the same treatment or at least a willing partner in crime. Virgo sees all this as superficial, suspects Gemini’s motives, and feels out of control.

There is however, one arena in which they find something like magic. Their passionate, Mercury-ruled intellects find perfect companions in each other. Geminis love the ability of Virgos to converse intelligently on a number of subjects and are flattered by the natural Virgo curiosity. Virgos love the same traits in Geminis and are likely to view them as complex puzzles which they feel compelled to solve.

If they are to catch and keep each other, both will have to revise the way they approach love and relationships.Virgo will have to let go a little, otherwise the seriousness with which he approaches love will frighten and intimidate Gemini.He will have to come out of his shell and make a concerted effort to keep Gemini interested.If he taps the love of pleasure and experience beneath his surface, he can potentially succeed.Gemini, meanwhile, will have to give up her insistence on absolute perfection.She will have to look inside herself and outside of romantic love to find some of the variety she craves.Meanwhile, she’ll have to realize Virgo’s need for reassurance and trustworthiness.Most importantly, she’ll have to learn to work so that she can meet Virgo on his own level and not be on the receiving end of his contempt for laziness.If you believe in the saying that “opposites attract,” you might see these two working, balancing each other’s flaws and focusing each other’s strengths, but the road will never be smooth.

In long term relationships, these two can clash on a number of levels.The oppositions in their personalities become more apparent as time goes on. They tend to lose compassion for and patience with each other, which can result in nasty breakups where both are deeply wounded.

Once they are deeply attached, Geminis are almost completely trustworthy, sometimes even possessive and jealous.Almost isn’t good enough for Virgo.Virgo needs to have complete trust in a mate in order to face the risk of rejection when showing the sensual, loving, loyal nature they hide so well.Gemini often becomes exhausted with this distrust and lives up to every negative expectation.Also, the impossibility of trusting what Gemini says, as they are often unaware of their dual nature, wears thin with Virgo.Every contradiction can be viewed as a betrayal.

Career interests create another clash.Virgo finds the Gemini emphasis on play before work lazy, juvenile, and infuriating.Virgo may rightly feel that she is doing all of the work while Gemini is having all of the fun.Geminis hate being put second to a career, and Virgo is likely to do just that.They don’t understand why Virgo can’t leave work early, stop cleaning the house, relocate on a whim, or run off with them for a vacation.

Though anything is possible in love, Virgos and Geminis have a lot to overcome.If they manage it, they will likely feel a deserved sense of pride in their relationship, which will gratify both of their egos.However, it is more likely that their contact will be fleeting and unfulfilling.Gemini will continue the search for his perfect twin and Virgo will seek someone more stable.

Both signs are subtly manipulative.Gemini makes sure Virgo knows how much she loves him, often making it clear that they give the most love in the relationship.This exerts a form of control and expectation, which the other partner feels obligated to live up to.Virgo, on the other hand, can’t help but call Gemini’s bluff.The critical Virgo nature causes them to pick apart Gemini and question every paradox.Gemini feels unloved and unappreciated, which gives them a reason to move on.


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