Under the gun.

If I should become anorexic, please know that it was because of pressure from my parents.

I don’t think that parents are aware of the repercussions that are involved when they pick on their own children. Yes, it probably makes their children want to be skinnier because of the way they nag and laugh at them. But do they realize that such “forced” dieting can go wrong?

After doing that project in psychology class, it suddenly dawned on me that my parents are fucking annoying when it comes to this issue. When I eat more than usual, they tease me, calling me fat but when I don’t eat anything at all, they keep probing, asking me if I want to eat and why don’t I want to eat. Somedays, I just feel like over-dieting. Just so they can see how much damage they have done, to me. Honestly speaking, being a little anorexic isn’t that bad, right? Okay, maybe anorexic itself already harbors ill connotations. I should say, being a little underweight isn’t that bad, right?

It’s not just happening to me. It’s happening to my younger cousins too. My aunts telling my cousins not to eat so much rice, not to snack, go on diet and stuff. But they are only like 19 and 13 years old! My 7 year old cousin has been thinking of dieting at the age of like 5? Because she wants to be a model when she grows up. See the danger?

No, I’m not preaching about how anorexic is bad. I’m saying maybe everyone should be anorexic so everyone else can stfu about us being fat when we’re really not that fat at all.

Yes, I’m affected by what everyone says. I have always been. So bite me.


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