Well, well. I have my final exam for Spring’11 on Monday, but I’ve been doing nothing in preparation for it. And it’s not my best module, sigh. If it wasn’t so annoying to learn and so complicated to understand, I wouldn’t be in such a opposition now.

On a much lighter note, I’ll be flying off to Bangkok the day after my last paper! So much excitement and happiness! I can’t wait to REPLACE my wardrobe with new clothes, throw out my old and tattered bags and put the new ones in its place! New shoes for school too! Ohmygoodnessgraciousme, how can I ever contain my excitement, the next 5 days is going to be such a torture. Please pass speedily.

In light of my final paper chipped nails, I am going give my nails a new coat of paint. Okaybye.


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