The importance of good grammar.

Recently I’ve been cursed with a barrage of new acquaintances. I say cursed because none of them speak (or type) with decent grammar, heck, they can’t even spell. How difficult is it to differentiate words and know when to use them?

ITS vs IT’S (and YOUR vs YOU’RE)

First one denotes possession. Second one literally means “it is” (and “you are”).


Place. Possession. They are.


Conjunction. Comparison.

There’s more and I can’t even.

No, I’m not perfect at this whole grammar thing, but I make an effort to be as correct as can be. Some people go out of their way to be bad at it, and they don’t even care. Maybe they just want to watch the world burn.

And then there’s text lingo. How difficult is it to type another two letters to form YOU? I mean if you’re resorting to shorthands because you don’t have the time, THEN DON’T TEXT ME AT ALL. I’d rather not be texting you because I can’t help but to flinch every time I try to comprehend your shorthands and I’m pretty sure some of you made some of the shorthands up. If texting you means I have to spend extra effort trying to decipher what you’re trying to convey, what joy (or benefit) do I get?

Don’t even get me started on grammar on social media sites. Facebook is the epitome of bad grammar. I cannot.

IS vs ARE (I can’t believe I’m actually explaining this)

One. Many.

Do these people go to school at all? There’s more.


One. Many.

MAN vs MEN (and Woman vs Women)

One. Many.

If you have no cares for proper grammar and spelling, may I then question, what do you care about? Language is the focal point of relationships. We speak and we write to communicate — all of which requires the use of grammar. If you don’t start giving a fuck, who’s going to be teaching grammar to your offsprings? Teachers? Because your teacher sure as hell couldn’t teach you well. (Oh look, I rhymed.)

I’m not saying you have to be a master at it, but you have to at least try.

What irks me the most is those smug asses who are so full of themselves, but they can’t even form a proper sentence with at least one correct use of grammar. Hey assholes, take your pride and go hide, away from civilisation.

Also, if you’re texting me and asking “don’t mind intro”, you can just take your text and shove it right back up your ass. I’m not replying to that shit. I’ve had a couple of guys asking me what kind of men do I like, so here’s my answer:

The kinds with good grammar.

If you can afford good grammar and decent spelling which, unfortunately, seem to be an increasingly rare gift these days, you’ve won half the battle. At least this is true for me.

And yes, I’m judging you.


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