I was at the gym earlier and after an hour on the spin bike, I switched to the treadmill. I barely spent 15 minutes on the treadmill and my knee gave way so I stopped. I’m glad I stopped because what happened after would have left me with bruises if I was still on the treadmill.

To be honest, I would say that my threshold for pain is pretty high. I’ve had piercings and ink and those didn’t bother me at all, I’ve had sprained ankles and wrists and injuries all over but it was cool, it was nothing I couldn’t deal with. So to say that the pain I felt, twice now, was so severe that my limbs went numb and there was nothing I could do about it, that pain musta been one helluva torture.

I really cannot remember the pain. I do remember the blurry vision, muffled hearing and the spinning world though, and while I was trying to fight my way out of that state, my brain went into overdrive. I was trying so hard to focus, on breathing, and on seeing clearly again. It is insane how time looked like it slowed down by a couple of notches, it took me so much longer than usual to process anything and at one point in time I started getting flashbacks of pieces of memories and in between those things my head was trying to process, I think I finally passed out for a bit. Wasn’t sure when I got back my senses, but there was a blanket and an isotonic drink right by my book.

I don’t like this feeling. 😦


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