Tough love.

I remember a time before this nightmare. I remember a time where we were just like any other family. I remember a time when brother was the rebel and I was the good kid.

I remember a time where I listened to my parents, went to school and never did a bad thing. I remember a time where brother was the bad kid. Skipped school, got into trouble with the police, never listened to a word my parents would say.

I remember a time when I loved my parents and as I say this, my heart wrenches. It seems like the tides have changed.

I am the bad kid now. Just because I refuse to be a part of what is left of this family. I still do what I’m sposed to, I just don’t have any more love left. I’m a horrible Asian, I know. But can you blame me?

As these couple of months passed by, I watched as brother became more loving, and I, just fade away with any remnants of love left.

I’ve turned cold. The things I’ve went through, it made me a zombie. It’s easier to not feel, to not care and to not love.ive turned stone cold.

I used to think I hate home, when I was a few years younger, this sentiment cannot be more true at this point in time.

I don’t wish you dead. I just want nothing to do with you or this family anymore. I needed a normal life, I found it when I was with Jack. Now it’s time for me to live my life, without the painful memories of yesteryear.


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