Dear Future Me,

I hope you’re in advertising, doing what you love. I hope that advertising is still what you love. I hope that you have at least made a difference in what you do. I hope that where ever you are right now, you’re happy. I hope that by now, you’ve traveled to quite a number of places and have seen many magnificent things and experienced many incredible experiences.

I wonder what happened to things between you and tjl. I wonder what happened between you and dwh. I wonder if you’ve ever loved anyone the way you loved tjl. I wonder if you’ve met anyone who can make you feel more alive than dwh. I wonder if you are still in contact with any of your friends from the past. I wonder if you have changed, the things you believe in, your taste in music, the quotes you live by. I wonder if you have any regrets at this point in time.

I wish that you could tell the past me, the one writing this, that everything will be okay. I wish that you could assure the past me that life turned out great. I wish that you could let the past me know that I’m doing the right thing and that I should continue doing it, or if not stop.

I want you to know what your friends are up to now, the people who has made school and life that much better, find out what have they become, and if they are happy and let them know that you miss them. I want you to call or text or social media these people and catch up with them:

  • Derek
  • Jack
  • Jocelyn
  • Darren
  • Cassie
  • Gavin
  • JonChua

I pray that you have found your way back to your family. I pray that it is not as broken as it was.


xx, past me.

22nd May 2013


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