The 9th Is The Best.



There is something about waking up in a stranger’s bed that intrigues me. Donning an oversized shirt, and walking around in his apartment. This could be the loneliness talking, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have something like this. Yes, the morning walk of shame is dreadful but everything that happened before that would have made up for it. The sex in between naps, the cuddling, the being cute together, the lazing in bed, the morning sex.

Taking naps in between, all night. Waking up to kisses and warm embraces. Hearing “good morning” the moment you open your eyes. Seeing a smile while staring into his eyes. Feeling lazy in his arms, not wanting to get up or move at all. Being all cozy under the sheets, and having his arms wrapped tightly around you.

This feeling, it could be addictive.


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