Night terror.

I finally decided to sleep earlier than I usually do, only to find myself being jolted up by a horrible nightmare. It was pretty vague, but boy was it vivid.

In the nightmare, I was at the shop where I work as a part-time waitress. The shop has a very 1930s feel to it, everything is vintage and some might even call it a tad too eerie for a cafe/bar. So I was at the shop and it was late, I was alone and I had to close up. Which is weird because I’ve never closed the shop, and the people who do that are usually the boss and the chef.

Anyway, I had to close up for the night, so I did the routine stuff like making sure that there was no other customers in the shop before I proceed to switching off the air conditioners, turning off the lights, and as I got to the last few lamps, and I thought I saw a lady sitting in the corner, staring at me. Naturally, I took a second look and damn it, she was still there. She was darting her eyes between me and the corner of the floor. At that point in time, I thought it would be the dumbest idea to check out what this lady was looking at. But I did it anyway. There was another lady, on the floor, I’m not sure what was happening but it does seem like she was in some kinda of shock or seizure.

I can see their faces very, very clearly. Thank god my body is sensible enough to wake the fuck up otherwise I will be the one going into a seizure on my bed.


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