I want to buy a little shop on a corner off some street in a quaint neighbourhood in UK and turn it into a book store where people can come in and browse, and sit for as long as they like. I’ve always enjoyed reading, and I always wished that there was a place so conducive for reading that I would not want to leave the place until it’s time to go home and I would like to provide that place for the people who are just like me. I would like to have people coming in and selling or trading their books for books that they haven’t read yet. I would have a box of second hand books where people can get for just a couple of dollars because everyone deserves to read. In the corner of my little book store, I would like to have a mini cafe, where customers can order a nice cuppa coffee or tea, accompanied with delicious baked goods, just sit there and read some books as the day go by. Customers will also be encouraged to order suspended coffees because everyone deserves a hot cup of coffee on a chilly day. I will have a stage by the side of the store, and have an open mic night for talented locals or travellers to flaunt their skills because I believe that everyone has to start somewhere and I would like to provide them with that chance. Ideally, I would run it on my own, with a helper or two. It would be small, but sustainable. It’s not going to be much but I would be happy.


I want to start a small company, planning parties and weddings. I’ve always been good at these things, from the decorations to the food for the party. Preferably in USA, where parties and weddings never seem to stop happening. I just need a small office, and the rest is all on the job. I would have a few helpers and that’s it. I will have my little black book of contacts for venues and food catering and all the other relevant people. I would throw the most epic parties and still keep my company small. I want to create memories for people, memories that they will never forget. Stories that will be told at the dinner table and bonds so strong that they will weather whatever that comes their way. I want to bring people together. I want to help girls throw the best wedding of their lives. I want to help them capture the happiest moments of their lives.

These are my dreams. It ain’t much, but I will be happy.


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