My summer’s been pretty awesome, but like I have mentioned in the entries before this, it’s summer all year round where I come from. So when I refer to summer, it really just means the months of June to August, not so much about the incredibly raved about sunny weathers in most other countries with the four different seasons.

So my summer started out with meeting a new friend, and it will end with meeting more new friends, and sending some of these new friends off. What more can I ask for? Also, this summer marks the beginning of me having a real job. It feels surreal, and I’m not sure what to think or feel about it yet.

A real job. You do know what this means right? A real job means that I’m officially all grown up. That’s a lot packed into one sentence right there. I’ve had jobs before, but this one’s different. This is the start of a career that I’ve been preparing myself for for the last decade.

Speaking of:

Dear past me,

Guess what? You got a job and you didn’t sell out!

Things have a funny way of working itself out sometimes, even though it may not seem that way in the beginning. Never settle for less than you deserve. Never let the people around you hold you back. Letting go of some of those people may actually mean progress, no matter how much they mean, or meant to you.

XX, me (today).

I’ve also decided to take short weekend trips to neighbouring countries in the coming months, to see and explore the world, one step at a time. First up is Cambodia, and naturally, I’m excited to visit Siem Reap, to see the Angkor Wat, and to enjoy my day on the white sand beach. I hope this weekend thing works out in the long run, I have so many countries to visit, so many cities to experience and so many places to see.

Having said that, I’m going to start a travel blog once I get these weekend trips going. I’m excited!

This, is what I meant when I said I needed to be on my own for a while.


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