Do they exist? In human form at least?

A friend of mine came to work hungover this morning and I naturally told him to go drink some isotonic water.

This reminded me of what happened to me some half a year ago.

I know this because I remember being hungover at work a very long time ago and another friend of mine told me that isotonic water would help because my body was dehydrated. At that time I remember feeling like crap, every movement felt like an earthquake within my being. So I decided to just deal with it until it somehow goes away on its own.

Not too long later, a random woman came by the chocolate store (where I was working at, at the point in time) and asked if I wanted half a bottle of 100 plus. She further explained that she had just bought it from the supermart at the corner and had her personal huge bottle filled to the brim. She didn’t want to waste the remaining beverage so she was offering it to me.

Because I was so hungover and so stumped by what had just happened, I just looked at her for a good minute, took the bottle, smiled, and said thanks.

Uncanny coincidence? I don’t know.


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