Whoa, this is crazy. In seventeen days, I’ll be on a plane, heading to places I’ve never been to before, alone. Sailing in uncharted waters. Meeting strangers. Making precious memories.

To be very honest, I am freaking out inside but at the same time, I’m stoked. I’ve been dreaming about this for many years now. All those stories I’ve heard about travelling the world, seeing amazing things, meeting wonderful people, and visiting breath-taking places. I’ve always dreamed about telling these stories, and true enough, I will.

I have a bunch of anxiety-attack triggers that I’m trying to calm every now and then. I worry about the people I will meet, if I will have enough cash to last me 2 months in a foreign land, if everything will go as smoothly as planned (even though the amount of planning I’ve done is almost next to zero), if I will have the appropriate clothing to keep me warm, if I can even stay warm enough with the kind of clothes I have… The list goes on.

I’m not sure if seventeen days is considered long or short. Right now, this entire adventure seems surreal albeit my semi-packed luggage and bought tickets. I don’t exactly know what kind of clothes to bring since I’ll be in 2 areas with 2 different kinds of cold. Should I bring my dresses? Should I bring shorts? T-shirts? Tank tops? Or should every piece of clothing be warm and fuzzy? Can I even deal with that kind of cold? If only someone could tell me.

Okay, I’m sick of writing. For now. Buhbye.


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