A story about love.

Photo 28-12-13 7 50 54 pm

This is a story about how I accidentally met someone and how my life hasn’t been the same since then. This isn’t exactly news because we go quite a long way back for two people who has never met. I know, everyone always meets someone accidentally and it almost always changes their lives. I’d like to think of my story as a little bit different than most.

I don’t think a lot of people believe in falling for someone you met online. It just doesn’t sound possible. Honestly, I would have thought that this notion of meeting someone online and then falling for each other a really absurd story, if it didn’t happen to me. All the skeptics are cringing right now, tossing their hate towards my way. To your dismay, something as unexplainable as this can actually happen, and it does. Not just to me, but quite a handful of others. I know it because Youtube.com shows it.

I’m excited to meet Derek for the first time, to go on our first date, to do our first everything. But more than that, I’m excited to see this man I’ve never met, who has the ability to make me fall heads over heels. For those who know (all too well), we have struggled and there were days that we thought we lost each other. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do and it still isn’t – long distance. It is really easy for other people to say what they’ve said – “Oh, if your love is strong, you will get through this.” or “I think you should just give it up, it is never going to work out.” Well, we have threaded on both extremes, and yet a little over a year later, here we are.

He still gives me butterflies when we Skype. His voice instantaneously makes my day. His texts leave me smiling like an idiot. He makes my heart melt, makes it skip beats and makes me really happy. I have a good feeling about us, I think Derek’s my once in a lifetime. The kind of relationships you read about in romance novels, the kind of feeling you get when you watch a romance movie.

I have never been happier in a long time.


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