Los Angeles

Sitting on the balcony of my host’s apartment, looking out the gridded window, it’s 1030 AM. The amazing cerulean sky and towering palm trees makes LA seem so perfect. I actually wouldn’t mind living here in LA for a while if I can. The sky in LA takes my breath away, it’s incredibly pretty.

In the morning it varies between a pretty azure and a nice cerulean, but when it comes to sundown, the sky turns purplish pink. After that crazy shade of pink, the sky transits into a perfect shade of orange with hues of red and yellow. I took some photos, it doesn’t really do the sky justice, but it is as close as it gets.

Photo 2-12-13 6 04 14 pmPhoto 2-12-13 6 04 19 pm

After visiting Hollywood Boulevard, I’ve got to say that it is pretty disappointing. I pictured it to be more vibrant, bustling with live and crazy crowds but instead, it was quiet and empty. It kinds of makes the stars on the ground less significant than it is advertised to be. I’m still glad I saw it though, you can’t come to LA and not visit Hollywood Boulevard!

Its about 14 degrees celsius out, it is pretty cold for LA. It should get warmer in the afternoon. I think I’m doing pretty well in this weather, considering that I’ve only been wearing a long sleeved top and leggings most of the time. I can only imagine how cold it is going to be as I travel East to the other side of USA in the next couple of weeks.

Food in LA is pretty affordable, I stumbled across this supermarket called Ralph’s and everything there is so cheap, you wouldn’t even believe it. Actually, there’s a pharmacy here called CVS, it’s more like a convenience store than just a pharmacy, it has everything you need, much like a huge 7-11. Groceries are pretty cheap here, usually I would take at least 30 minutes to walk a supermarket, but I think I can live in supermarkets here.

Clothes are not that expensive either, Fashion District is like a night market (only it closes at 6 PM) – full of clothes and stuff that you can get for cheap. It’s like Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market, or Hong Kong’s Ladies Street, or Singapore’s Bugis Street. Who would have known that you can get stuff for cheap in the US? I saw a pair of heels that costs USD$19.90, and those are pretty, killer heels. Clothes are going for USD$4.99, crazy pretty maxi and empire dresses are only USD$32.

There really isn’t much to do after 6 PM. The sky gets really dark really early here, maybe it’s because it’s winter. But everything closes at about 6 PM, except some fast food joints and grocery stores. After dark, most of the people you see on the street are hobos. To be honest, it’s not all that scary, you just have to avoid walking in those secluded alleys and you should be fine.

I have been in LA for about 2 days now, there is not a day I don’t hear the police sirens wail. It reminds me so much of those TV shows I watched about LA. Last night, I saw a chopper in the sky from where I’m putting up at. It had red and blue lights, so I could only assume that it’s a police chopper, and it was circling the sky like it was looking for something or someone. It’s almost like the TV shows are coming to life.

I leave LA on the 10th, so I still have a couple of days more here. I really need to go to the Griffith Park Conservatory. I might go to the beach today, and try to catch the sunset. I’ll have to figure out how to get to the beach using the very confusing metro system here. Okay, I’m going to take a walk and maybe get some food along the way.



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