Places and people.

Photo 2-12-13 12 18 42 pm

What makes a place worth remembering? Is it the places you’ve seen on the internet? Is it the things you’ve heard about on TV? Or is it really the people you haven’t met?

It was definitely the people I haven’t met for me. There were so many things I remember about California; the weather was amazing, even though it got a little chilly at times. The sky was magnificent at any time of the day, or night. The food was delicious, all those mexican in my belly makes me so happy. And most of all, the people I’ve met in California – Drew, Moon, Elsa and David. The strangers I’ve met made it so difficult for me to leave. California was great, but the friends I’ve met in California, they are the ones I’ll always remember.

Texas was more boring than I’d imagined it to be. The water tastes weird in Texas, everything looks flat and spread out. It was difficult to travel via public transit and it was definitely colder than LA was. Despite all of that, I will still miss Dallas. I will miss Spencer and his amazing hospitality, even though he’s so busy with work and school. I will miss Gibbs and how he was mean to me the whole time we were together. Again, the strangers I’ve met makes leaving Dallas so sad. To be fair, gibbs is no stranger, if anything, he made it very difficult for me to leave. It’s incredibly difficult to have amazing friends so far away from you, but it is inspiring and heartwarming to know that you have a friend somewhere out there in the world, who will always remember you and all the times you’ve had together.

I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to leave Indiana and New York, because just thinking about it breaks my heart.


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