#postbookdepression: Eleanor & Park

I haven’t made time to read a book in a while, and today I’ve finally finished Eleanor & Park. I’m not pleased with the ending, I can tell you that. And I’ve had my mind set on tweeting Rainbow Rowell right after I’ve finished writing this post.

But this book made me feel like I felt when I was happy, it took me back to the beginning of this year. I identified with Eleanor, red hair, big girl and Park, Park was the love of my life.

No books I’ve read has ever made me bawl my eyes out like The Fault in Our Stars did. I felt sad for all the other tragic love stories that I’ve read, but I never did cry cry. I didn’t think Eleanor & Park would do that.

I was on the bus home when I came to this part, when Richie had found out that Eleanor is hiding something and she had to run away from home, away from Park.

Life's a bastard.

I lost it. And then the book ended. And now I’m just a whole big mess of sad. bye.


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